WISE strongly believes that STEM outreach is extremely important.Not only do children and families benefit from outreach programs but also our society. STEM education is crucial to our future economy and men and women need to work together towards improving Canada’s economy. The main motive of this initiative is to achieve gender balance in STEM by engaging means.

High School Outreach

Our main focus is to encourage High School students to pursue STEM fields. Though engaging activities and descriptive presentations, we intend to increase interest for STEM among high school students especially female students. We also provide the chance for high school students to come on campus and explore the life of Science and Engineering students by meeting current students and engaging in meaningful conversations. If you wish to become part of our Outreach team then please sign up here.

Project START

Project START (Students, Teachers, and Researchers Teach) Science is an initiative to spark and keep aflame the excitement and enthusiasm for STEM subjects in public schools. We want children to get interested in STEM from an early age because STEM promotes critical thinking and real-world applications. WISE has collaborated with Project START Canada to introduce Science and Engineering to public schools in Toronto. In order to truly create gender balance in STEM fields, it’s important to start early because by the time students reach high school, they have already made up their minds and perhaps don’t end up taking the necessary pre-requisites for getting into engineering.

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