The goal of our mentorship program is to ensure that women in STEM can achieve their full potential. We believe that with proper guidance and help, anyone can achieve their goals.



Marisa Sterling
Assistant Dean, Inclusivity & Diversity

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Dawn Bazely
Biology Professor, Director of IRIS
Johanne Bouchard
Board of Leaders, 2020 Women in Board

Peer Mentors
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Farzia Khan
Parastoo Baghaei
Rahma Shakir
Kati Balachandran

Mentor Matching

The best path to gender equality is through mentorship from people who share similar career goals or have had similar experiences. We try our best to match mentees with the mentor who would bring out the best in them. If you tell us the qualities you’re looking for in a mentor, we’ll help you connect with the right match.

If you’re interested in looking a for a peer mentor then please send us an email:

We have also partnered with Jesse Hildrebrand who started a Women in STEM mentorship program where I’ve got 110+ scientists, engineers and mathematicians from across 17 universities who are willing to take emails from interested students.  Be it discussing their work personally, their field or academia generally, the aim is to help encourage young women to pursue careers in the sciences by providing mentors who can highlight their own career paths.

If you’d like to be connected to a likeminded professor, great!  Send an email to

High School Mentorship

We want more High School girls to feel confident about getting into a male dominated field.Hence our high school mentorship program aims to connect High School girls with current female undergraduate students, so that they can be better prepared for the university life.

If you’re a High School student and are interested in our program, then please send an email

Professional Development Workshops

Our Professional development Workshop aims to train female students to be prepared for the professional world and develop professional skills starting from University. The following are some of the workshops we hold:






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We don’t have enough female leaders in our workforce, hence our leadership development workshop aims towards making women think like future leaders. Under leadership development, WISE offers more focused workshops that help to develop confidence, enthusiasm and organization. The following includes:

Public Speaking Workshop

Overcoming Fears Workshop

Time management Workshop

Women Empowerment Workshop

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