It’s not possible to achieve gender balance in STEM without support from our male colleagues.A real change is not possible until men decide to treat women like colleagues of equal status.There is a great need to establish better training against sexism. Lassonde is committed towards achieving true gender balance by not only attracting prospective female students but also creating an Inclusive environment.

Lassonde Inclusivity Project
This project was started by the Assistant Dean for Inclusivity and Diversity to educate all the students, male and female students alike about how to be part of creating an inclusive environment on campus by raising awareness about some of the existing sexism and providing training sessions.



Male Ambassadors
Our male ambassadors are dedicated towards achieving gender balance and support their female colleagues in bringing out the best in them by raising awareness faced by women among their other male colleagues. Following are our male ambassadors who are committed towards supporting WISE.


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Mohammad Jamshed Khan
“Success of an institution is dependent on its inclusive culture and it can be achieved only if we all work together.”
Adib Nesahi
“ As a millennial,I see a responsibility to advocate for women’s empowerment and equality.”
11149253_920543644633703_2527631267112616155_n wise_maleAmb_04
Talha Tanweer
“In my opinion gender balance should be our motive in all walks of life”
Alexandre Seguin
“I see a future where the feminine and masculine are complements of one another, not competitors”

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