W.I.S.E aims to provide
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The goal of our mentorship program is to ensure that women in STEM can achieve their full potential. We believe that with proper guidance and help, anyone can achieve their goals.

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WISE strongly believes that STEM outreach is extremely important. The main motive of this initiative is to achieve gender balance in STEM by engaging younger students.

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WISE wants to provide a safe haven for women to be able to discuss their problems with peer counsellors who might have experienced similar problems.

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Our male ambassadors are dedicated towards achieving gender balance and support their female colleagues by raising awareness about issues faced by women.

"Little girls with dreams become women with vision"

"Women In Science and Engineering" or WISE is a chapter (of organizations that have existed in other universities) and a brand new initiative of Lassonde. WISE promises to work to make the Lassondian women more successful and more confident. WISE will be a platform where we will work together to create a comfortable environment in order to help and seek help from each other to work on our weaknesses and enhance our strengths! Throughout this year we will have events, activities and many other things to help you girls overcome any academic troubles and to feel more comfortable and satisfied as Lassondian women!

By the end of this year, the WISE team envisions our Lassondian women to be more confident and more satisfied with their career choice!


Eyad Abu Rish

Fourth year Civil Engineering student

Naomi Campbell

Fourth year computer engineering student

Olutoyosi Sobowale

VP Wise Council

Kanisha Patel

VP Wise Council

Mohadeseh Izadpoor

VP Wise Council

Abhirami Venugopal

VP Wise Council

Katie Chin

VP Wise Council

Abarna Kucheri Subburaman

Sponsorship Executive

Cindy Chen

Sponsorship Executive

Leo Tran

IT / Tech Lead

Zahra Zeinolabedin Rafi

General Advisor

Sharon Musa

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